3.5% Total Commission

Unlike the traditional real estate brokerage where a seller is charged 6% of the sales price to list and sell your home, Realty Connections can save you thousands of dollars by listing and selling your home for a:


The Real Estate Market Has Changed

Since the market crash and on-going mortgage crisis, buying and selling real estate has become more difficult.  The number of sales has dropped and qualifying for a new mortgage has become very challenging.  There are several outside factors that also contribute such as a tough economy and an unstable real estate market.  Most homeowners find themselves in a position where they’ve lost their equity in their home.  In many cases, homeowners are actually upside down making impossible to sell their home.

Realty Connections is happy to take your listing for a total 3.5% Sales Commission.  If you need to sell but are having second thoughts because of what you’ll net after the sale, give us a call to see how working with one of our professionals can literally save you thousands.

Seller Services

In addition to listing your home on the Multiple Listing Service, our entire office staff works together to sell your property for top dollar.  Over time we’ve also established a large network of buyers, investors, Realtors, brokers, title representatives, etc… and we market your home to this network to ensure maximum visibility and market exposure.

Market Reaction

Buyer activity actually increases when offering to sell a home for less!  People tend to migrate to where the best pricing is available for any given item or service.  Because of this, we get a lot of calls and inquiries from potential buyers and sellers.  On these phone calls, our trained office staff listens very carefully to what the prospects needs are and many times, our listings can be sold from these in bound calls.